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AG99 DOOM - Corrupt Fucking System LP
We are proud to host the real kings of crust in our large happy family for the 4th time! Doom are back with a new record that has nothing to envy to their previous releases in terms of energy, power, rage and brutality. This is the second press (the first one has been released under their own label Black Cloud Records) for Europe only. 14 tracks of pure, uncompromised, political pissed off C-R-U-S-T !!!
AG96 INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL - Call Of The Blue Distance LP
The heaviest European crust legion finally landed in the blackest of the Agipunk territories. The music developed a step ahead to a more contaminated sound by some elements coming from the less uncompromised post punk bands like Killing Joke and Alaric. The reminiscences of stench core heroes like Axegrinder, Amebix and Bolt Thrower are still strong, but there's a new vibe one this record that definitely makes it even more interesting than their previous releases. Be ready to be buried once again by Instinct Of Survival. The limited edition comes in a screen printed cover and electric blue vinyl.
AG95,5 ATENTADO - Antagonist LP
Atentado started in the end of 1991 in the suburbs of Lisbon as the follow-up of Grind/Crust pioneers Atrofiados. But it was a short lived experience and the band ended, without even playing any live shows, the day they were entering the studio to record for a split LP with Finnish friends Selfish, this ended up beeing the Doom/Selfish Split LP. Twenty years after, bass player Pedro do Vale"Pitchi" resurrected the band and "Paradox" was released in 2011. Some line up changes, right after the release of the debut album, put the band in a short hiatus to return stronger than ever for some great live shows and the recording of their new Antagonist" lp, which contains 11 tracks of loud and uncompromising metal influenced HC/Punk in 25 minutes. Recorded and mixed by Fernando Matias at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers and Mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE (Tragedy, Nails…). What you can hear is a great mix of Motorhead influenced crust (like later Anti Cimex) with a great Celtic Frost/Venom Discharged edge!
AG95 ANTI YOU - Blank Stares LP
For the first time on Agipunk, Anti You from Rome are gonna release their second LP. After a bunch of great 7”es and the amazing “Two-Bit Schemes And Cold War Dreams” first full length, this long time hardcore veterans scream again their rage with 16 tracks of fast and unbelievably catchy hardcore tunes. Old school as hell, they seem to be coming straight out of the “This Is Boston Not L.A.” legendary compilation.
AG94 VITAMIN X - About To Crack LP
Returning with their 5th full length album, "About To Crack", Dutch Hardcore Punk veterans VITAMIN X (for the second time under the Agipunk flag) release a brutal onslaught of ferocity for which they are well known for. 14 tracks, 19 minutes, and a whole heck of a lot of fun hardcore punk. Right from the start this album jumps out and punches you in the face with an incredibly riveting punk/thrash crossover shredding that is, and forever will be,VITAMIN X; this is the hardcore stuff that creates a pit right here! Marc, Marko, Alex and Danny prove once again that they are never slowing down. What an awesome collective, right? And I'm not kidding, this thing is a stomping blitzkrieg of punk-metal madness from start to finish. Produced by Steve Albini and recorded at his studio in Chicago. The artwork was masterfully done by John Baizley. U.S. print out on Tankcrimes Records.
AG92 D-CLONE - Creation And Destroy LPSOLD OUT
Masters of disaster!! This is Japanese unrelenting wall of noise!!! They learnt the lesson from Disclose and went forward, they smash your ears to pieces. Confuse, Gai, Disorder, Wretched drowning in an orgy of distortion and chaos. On tour fall 2012. Limited to 500 copies, only 50 of them on light blu vinyl and 25 on orange vinyl.
Swedish death metal scene has always been related to the punk one, even in the good ol' days, bands like Skitsystem, Meanwhile, Diskonto, No Security, Uncurbed... feature(d) people already experienced in At The Gates, House of Usher, Grotesque, Uncanny, Centinex, Moondark, Embalmed, Sarcasm... Miasmal is a new band but in the same spirit, they share members with Agrimonia and Martyrdod while unleashing a mostly d-beat based death metal attack in the pure old Swedish tradition, and with great results most of all! "Left hand path" and "Like an ever flowing stream" times are back! This repress of Miasmal full-lenght, originally released in 2011, is supporting their Euro tour May 2012. Limited to 500 copies, 50 of them on green vinyl.
AG90 ALEHAMMER - Barmageddon LP
Third output for Alehammer after the picture 10” and the split Lp with Tyrant from Sweden, as always on Agipunk. People coming from Prophecy of Doom, Doom, Impulse Manslaughter, Vallenfyre, Extinction of Mankind teaming up for the usual ale-fueled crust/metal attack. This new release is probably their most brutal and primitive ever, bulldozing riffs and vocals coming directly from the depths of hell, totally speakers-blowing!
Extinction of Mankind from England is the history of crust already. Formed in 1992, in the last 20 years they have toured with Wolfpack, Misery, Skitsystem among the others, have unleashed splits with Doom, Misery, Warcollapse and Phobia, plus 3 more singles and 3 full-lenghts. Their sound has always been unique, influenced equally by Amebix, Discharge and Antisect, through the years it has become more and more crushing with metal fills and a Venom+Celtic Frost vibe, reaching the peak on "Northern scum", one of the most devastating crust albums ever. Originally recorded in 2006 it sees the light again on a limited vinyl press with improved layout for those who missed it. 500 copies, gatefold cover. Retail orders from Agipunk will come with exclusive A2 poster.
Proud to have Prophecy of Doom back on Agipunk, one of the bands that truly broke the barriers between the hardcore scene, death metal and grindcore from the late 80's on. One of the heaviest and most destructive band coming from UK in these years, always loyal to their punk attitude and with a strong concern on lyrics. After a demo in 1988, they have released "Calculated mind rape" 7" in 1989, then in 1990 the output on Peaceville the band is mostly known for, "Acknowledge the confusion master" Lp (also released as a split Cd with Axegrinder), In the same year they released a live 7" ("Until the again") and the "Peel sessions" 12". After the "Matrix" Cd in 1992 (on Metalcore), their last output has been the 3-song demo "Ego-deathgrind" in 1996. Agipunk has released a now sold-out 7" in 2007 featuring 2 songs off that demo. This Lp compiles an unreleased radio session from 1991 on one side, plus the complete "Ego death grind" demo 1996 on the other side, Now you have the chance to complete your POD discography with some of their best stuff ever. Limited to 500 copies, only 50 of them on red vinyl!
AG86 DOOM - Doomed Again 2xLP
Second volume in the Doom reissue series. The double Lp features "Hail to Sweden" 7" Ep '94, split 7" Ep with Extinction of Mankind 1994, "Monarchy zoo" 7"/Cd Ep 1996, split 10" with Cress 1998, plus several compilation tracks and unreleased tunes, mandatory!!!
AG85 BESTHOVEN / KONTATTO - Split Picture 7" EP
Limited split picture 7" EP out for their Euro tour in August/September. The best d-beat from Brazil and Italy, unreleased stuff including Wretched coversong by Besthoven and Olho Seco coversong by Kontatto. Soon to be collectible!!
AG83 ACEPHALIX - Interminable Night LPSOLD OUT
Namedropping is not necessary because this release ROARS!! Acephalix from San Francisco are the prototype of the hard working band, started in 2008 they have evolved their sound from it’s crust roots after a demo and a 7” and an Lp on Prank Records. Then a couple of self-released tapes sealed the evolution: pure brutality! What you’ll hear is a devastating death metal outburst raised on their crust past, early 90’s US death metal is what comes first to mind but indulging more on power rather than speed. Those two demos finally see the light again on vinyl. "Interminable night" has been originally released august 2010 and "Flesh torn in twilight" in January 2011. Devastation is drawing nearer! 1000 copies press, limited edition comes in 150 copies with colored vinyl and limited poster. Cd version on Southern Lord. Euro tour in September.

AG82 BESTHOVEN - Dis Means War LP
Finally a new Lp for the Brazilian one man d-beat army! Pure d-beat, equally influenced by Anti Cimex/Shitlickers as well as Discharge, and spiced with 80's Brazilian hardcore. Out for their Euro tour August/September 2011, 1000 copies, 100 of them on colored vinyl. All the copies come with silver-foil stamped logo.

AG81 PYROKLAST - The Madness Confounds LP
Pyroklast are a raging hardcore/punk band from Madison, Wisconsin, USA, saw this guys live in U.S. during Giuda tour and they seriously kick ass! Their sound is like a mix of Poison idea ("Feel the darkness"-era) and Aus-Rotten with a crust/metal sound added on! Pyroklast live it's like seeing English Dogs or Broken Bones during the metal-punk days! Check them out! On tour around Europe from April 26th to May 19th 2012. Limited to 500 copies, 50 of them on krystal vinyl
AG80 DEATHCAGE - Plague Of The Rats LP
After three 7", Deathcage from Australia eventually unleashes their first full lenght. Expect some Burning Spirit hardcore along the path traced by Deathside but furious in a way you've never heard before. You will spin this record non-stop!! Limited to 500 copies, only 50 of them on colored vinyl and embroidered patch!!
AG79 PARASYTIC - Poison Minds LP
Second lp for the punk/metal crossover machine Parasytic from Richmond, VA! This is definetely their best stuff so far! Way more thrash than the first release, this new album is a perfect metal + punk combination, hints of Concrete Sox, English Dogs and early bay area thrash. 8 new tracks that catch the power of their amazing live performances! Get it! Members of Morne, Cannabis Corpse, Behind Enemy Lines, Alabama Thunder Pussy. Euro tour April 2011. 500 copies press. Cd version on Relapse


AG78 ANIHILATED - Path To Destruction 12"
Another quality reissue on Agipunk. Ipswich/UK Anihilated formed in 1980 as Prospex and deeply involved in the anarcho-punk scene. They soon started to add metal to their music, the first in UK playing this kind of crossover along with Onslaught, Sacrilege and Concrete Sox. This 12" EP has been originally released in 1986 and for the first time is re-released on vinyl. A true gem that you need to own next to "Behind the realms of madness and "Power from hell". Original cover artwork drawn back in the days by Mid/Deviated Instinct. Comes with original insert plus a new insert with a lot of never seen pictures, commentaries and lyrics. 1,000 copies press, 100 on dark blue vinyl + poster + obi, 50 of them come with exclusive t-shirt.

AG77 KONTATTO - Mai Come Voi LP
Second full lenght for the Italian kings of d-beat. 10 brand new tracks and a nice surprise of delightful Discharge beat mixed with some tupa tupa fast crushing anthems and a bit of melody here and there. Sung, as always, in Italian in the usual Wretched style, Kontatto will deliver you a lethal cross of Anti Cimex, Wolfpack, Wretched, Disrupt, Discharge and Warcry. Political lyrics and Stiv Of War's artwork again. Out on time for the upcoming U.S. tour (September 2010). 1,000 copies, first 150 on black stained pink vinyl
AG76 UNCURBED - Turmoil LP
New album for the Swedish crustmongers!! 12 new tracks of classic downtuned Swedish crust. For those who don't know, Uncurbed members play or used to play also in Demonical, Centinex, Interment, Asocial, Regurgitate etc.).This is the first recording with their new vocalist Mattias "Befa" Bergfelt who did an excellent job!! Great as you would expect from those veterans! 1,000 copies, 100 on clear dark green vinyl
AG75 DEATHRAID - All Life Ends LP
Second full-lenght out for their European tour, hailing from Seattle they feature ex-Disrupt, State of Fear and Consume members. This is hammering d-beat rather than classic 90's-like crust like you would expect from the aforementioned names. On stage they kill, and this record rips! Comes with poster insert. 1,000 copies press, 100 on blue vinyl
AG74 UNHOLY GRAVE - Grind Killers LP
New studio album for the Japanese grindcore legends. After Agathocles the most prolific grindcore band ever. 23 tracks recorded in a Dutch studio in September 2008 during Unholy Grave’s European tour, and remastered in February 2009. Grindcore maniacs are warned! 500 copies, 100 on red vinyl.

AG73 GIUDA - Senza Paura, Senza Domani LP
Third full-lenght for the italian barbarians. The ultimate destructive clash between crust and metal, the heaviest among the metalpunk breeds! Think of Sacrilege, Onslaught and Concrete Sox thrashing colliding with Bolt Thrower ultra heaviness, then mixing with the typical 80's italian hardcore urgency or the likes of Contropotere. European answer to Hellshock and Stormcrow. Artwork by Sugi. Out for their august 2010 USA tour. 1,000 copies, first 150 on electric blue stained yellow vinyl.

The Spanish band pleases worlwide grindcore freaks with a new slab of vinyl. BIOCIDIO album tracks are taken from the split with KONTRAATTAQUE recorded and mixed at VRS studios by Samuel Ruiz and LFAA in July 2001, and it includes unreleased bonus tracks from the same studio session. Upcoming full-lenght on Relapse Records. 500 copies available, no represses!!!
This is NAGOYA CITY HARDCORE NOW! At first comes the leader of the Nagoya city HC gang CLOWN showing slightlly new & deep approach but still strong as fuck new tracks! Next comes the mighty "LIBERATION AND FREEDOM" REALITY CRISIS, high tension and powerful dual vocals! Next comes ZILEMMA playing very original japcore with metallish, dramatic as hell guitar and melodies! Next comes the youngest of this comp, "SPIRITS OF D-BEAT RAW PUNK, WE MAKE NEW GENERATION, NOT MUSIC!" D-CLONE's disasterous NOISE HC ATTACK! And at last comes the Nagoya city veterans DEMOLITION's pure & evil metalcore which everyone should hail! Each having their own style but all burning in intense attitude, LOUD AS HELL!!! NAGOYA CITY CORE WARNING! Comes with a large color booklet. Co-release with Prank Records and MCR Company. Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, limited edition on split green/red vinyl.
AG70 POST FATA RESURGO - Il Futuro È Già Passato LP
Forget about lame emocrust or neocrust, P.F.R. from Rome are beyond those definitions, from a crust starting point they have developed a personal style with a very strong focus on harmonies and atmosphere. Shortly, you will find more Dark Tranquillity or early Opeth hints rather than Tragedy or From Ashes Rise.Comes with gatefold cover. Another top italian band! limited to 500 copies
First full-lenght for the motorcharged speedmetalpunx! Eight hymns of sleazy post-apocalyptic motorcharged speed-crust with a huge dose of mega-vault rock'n'roll metal madness!!! For lovers of English Dogs, Sacrilege, Warfare, Tank, Antic Cimex. Their previous releases are already collectible items, act fast with this one. Regular version comes with printed inner sleeve, 2 sided poster and sticker. 200 copies will be on green/black splattered clear vinyl + obi + esclusive fanzine with interview. Cover artwork by Chany. Metalpunx squads around the globe are warned, the apocalypse is near, fuel and vinyl to survive!

AG68 SLAUGHTER - Nocturnal Karnage LP SOLD OUT
Incredible reissue coming along. They have been defined as the punk version of Celtic Frost, they have been covered by Napalm Death, Macabre, Warhammer and more. Chuck Schuldiner of Death has played with them for a while... they are for sure the kind of metalpunk forerunners and a sure influence on the development of death metal with their 1987 "Strappado" album. We are honored to repress their rarest stuff. "Bloody Karnage" is the 1984 demo, their first official output ever for the first time officially on vinyl. "Nocturnal hell" is a 7" EP pressed in 1986 in 1000 copies and never officially re-released, here it comes directly from the vinyl keeping the original raw sound and mixing (different from the one heard on "Strappado"). On top of that an additional rehearsal track from 1986. Don't miss this one! Comes with 4 pages insert with original artworks, pictures, lyrics and liner notes. Cover artwork by Mark Riddick. Chainsaw edition: 100 copies available on green-splattered orange vinyl. Macabre edition: 50 on green-splattered orange vinyl + exclusive t-shirt printed in just 50 copies. Second press of 500 copies available.

AG67 HELLSHOCK - They Wait For You Still LP
Reissue of the third full lenght for the kings of PDX stenchcore! All copies come with a slightly different front designe compared to the first press. Originally recorded in Japan during their last tour, this all times crust masterpiece has just been repressed in 500 copies for their third European tour (September/October 2013).
Dirty Power Game from Rome reach the third full-lenght! This is for sure the most brutal crust record coming out from Italy ever! DPG new songs join great riffing, variety of rhythms and structure complexity enough to make most of the bands around resemble amateurs. But, also due to a great recording, when indulging on their trademark ultrafast two-beat, they reach new thresholds of brutality. Take the fury of Disrupt and Extreme Noise Terror and the insanity of Impaled Nazarene, mix'em and go to the next level with Dirty Power Game! Limited edition of 100 copies on purple vinyl (available only from the band), 100 on blue.
Apocalyptic raw punx wall of noise from Japan! This is the most distorted record of the year, for fans of Confuse, Disorder and Disclose, but expect a more brutal and fat sound. Comes with poster! Cd version on Dan-Doh/Japan, US press on Whisper in Darkness. gatefold cover + poster. limited to 500 copies, 100 copies on half green/half red vinyl!
AG64.5 CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY - Give Me Gasoline Or Give Me Death 12" SOLD OUT
COT are thundering again the planet Earth!!! The maxi single is out now on 12" vinyl format, one side recorded and other etched with their already classic motorcharged trademark. 2tx: a total new hymn of catastrophic obscurity plus an intense bathory cover!!! LIMITED TO 300 copies!
Second full-lenght for those Canadian punx. Ripping, fast and brutal black metal influenced by the Norse school (Immortal above all). Grim and cold riffs, hellish vocals and extremely well structured songs. Lyrics are brutally ultrapolitical but no-cliché. This is an intense record from every point of view! Comes with 16 pages big booklet..
AG63 DOOM - Lost The Fight/Pro-Life Control Sessions LP/CD CD SOLD OUT
Masters of crust available again on vinyl. This release, first part of a Doom reissue serie, features their split album with Selfish dated 1994 and the split 7" with Hiatus released in 1993. Songs have been remastered, and all the original artwork is featured in the inner booklet. CD version features two bonus tracks taken from compilations. 100 copies with black inner sleeve and half white/half black vinyl.

Shredding release! Alehammer continue with their blend of classic uk crust and Celtic Frost/Hellhammer worshipping, heavy as hell makes all the neocrust bands look like scared little children. Featuring Scoot/Extinction of Mankind, Karl/Impulse Manslaughter and Shrew and Shrub/Prophecy of Doom. Tyrant are from Sweden and worship the swiss gods staying more on the metal side, death/black the old way influenced by Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Bathory, Merciless and Discharge. Featuring Peter/Meanwhile-Crypt of Kerberos-Macrodex, Bragman and Andreas/The Black-Vinterland and Daniel/Insision-Dellamorte. 150 copies with black inner sleeve and black-stained clear orange vinyl. Gatefold cover.
AG61 VISIONS OF WAR - King Of Swines LP
Can you hear the sound of an enormous door slamming in the depths of hell? Here's what you'll hear when the needle of your turntable will hit this piece of wax. "King Of Swines" is definitely the best album these longtime crusty fuckers ever released. Killer abrasive guitars sound, relentless rhythm section and Stiv's guttural voice coming straight from the land of sin. 11 brand new bullets and a mighty G.B.H cover that will insanely load your guns. This new shit can be easily compared to early Driller Killer, the best Doom and E.N.T., fuelled by a dose of Hellhammer. Excellent artwork by master Stiv Of War. Gatefold black n gold cover.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce the official re-release of the record that gave birth to the term "crust"! Originally released in 1986 as a demo-tape, all the songs are here digitally remastered to sound powerful than ever and to blow away all the poor-quality bootlegs around. This is true metal/punk crossover, totally influential! Second press, Lp comes with gold screened cover, "remastered" original artworks, 4 pages inner sheet. Again limited to 500 copies.
CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY (Ita): the heralds of roaming speedpunk returns with a brand new track deep inspired by Tank, Warfare and Motorhead!!!
NUCLEAR FROST (Bra): total dis-cimex warshippers, guttu-vox and raw noizes! For lovers of Masskontroll, Crude SS, Doom!!!
ARMAGEDOM (Bra): the Brazilian thrashcore veterans still invade the underground with a 2004 track never on vinyl before!!!
MINKIONS (Ita): dirty rotten HC thrash the fast way, great attitude and full devotion to C.O.C., Cryptic Slaughter and Accused soundstyle!!!
LTD 500 hand-numbered copies, splatter vinyl.
Agipunk / Terror From Hell co-prod. 2009

AG59 SCATHA - After The Dust Settles 2xLP
Born in Scotland in 1995 from the ashes of Disaffect and Sedition, Scatha established themselves as one of the most important names in the 90's crust scene. Carrying on a deep concept rooted in the celtic culture, their songs still remain a breath of fresh air, complex, slower, sometimes with a metallic pace, leading crust to an original and still unreached by others level. This double Lp features in their entirety "Respect, Protect, Reconnect" '96 Lp, "Fuck the system" '97 Ep, "Birth, life and death" '98 Lp and tracks from the split Ep with Dagda. Comes with thick booklet with lyrics. Already out on Cd on MCR Company/Japan, now you have the chance to get those masterpieces in the original vinyl format.
War fucking crust from Seattle, USA, influenced by Bolt Thrower, Hellbastard, Amebix, Onslaught, Sacrilege. First released as a tour only edition limited to 381 copies, here it comes again with improved artwork and gatefold cover. A modern classic following two 7” EP’s and a split LP with the mighty Stormcrow. Limited edition 200 copies on yellow stained green vinyl!!
AG57 CAMPUS STERMINII - Life Is A Nightmarish Struggle LP
After their split LP with Disgusting Lies, the split 7" with Nulla Osta and a small hiatus, Campus Sterminii are back stronger than ever. The songwriting has improved, we are still into the realms of crust but with a wider range of influences going from Driller Killer to Hellshock, from Amebix to State Fear. Prepare for an original record that fears no competition! Cover artwork By Stiv of War. Limited to 500 copies, 100 on purple-stained clear vinyl!
Those two band need no introductions, both active since the early 90's they've continued developing their sound throughout the years and we are proud to release them. Extinction of Mankind are the heaviest and most perfect fusion of bands like Amebix, Antisect, Discharge and lots of metal, sheer brutality. Phobia play incredibly fast, brutal, tight and technically skilled grindcore with raging lyrics as it's supposed to be. This is the very first grindcore band released by Agipunk (Agigrind?) so we choose the best! 1,000 copies, first 100 on silvergrey vinyl. Gatefold cover
Those two band need no introduction, both active since the early 90's they've continued developing their sound throughout the years and we are proud to release them. Extinction of Mankind are the heaviest and most perfect fusion of bands like Amebix, Antisect, Discharge and lots of metal, sheer brutality. Phobia play incredibly fast, brutal, tight and technically skilled grindcore with raging lyrics as it's supposed to be. This is the very first grindcore band released by Agipunk (Agigrind?) so we choose the best!

AG55 VITAMIN X - Full Scale Assault LP
After touring throughout the world, Dutch hardcore punk giants Vitamin X return with their first recorded output in 3 years. Finally capturing the manic aggression of their notorious live shows while truely showcasing their songwriting skills and musicianship. VX take their furious hardcore sound even further into the realms of 70's rock riffage and wild guitar solos, never letting up on the high energy thrash punk. Recorded and Engineered at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Neurosis) it has an enormous sound. The album features lead vocals by Negative Approach's John Brannon on 2 songs and amazing artwork by John Baizley (Baroness, Pig Destroyer). This is a serious hardcore masterpiece. It comes with gatefold cover and full color poster, limited edition in 100 copies with crystal yellow vinyl and screenprinted over-cover in various cardboard colors.


Mass Grave hail from Vancouver, Canada, and have been infesting the scene since 2004 with several records, and each one is always more brutal than the previous one. This is grind and even death metal fuelled crust, think of Disrupt crossed with a pneumatic hammer: fast, violent, heavy! Bay Area Stormcrow are one of the best stench-core (that's the way it's called nowadays) bands in the world, along with bands like Sanctum, Hellshock or Limb from Limb they have taken Axegrinder, Hellbastard, Prophecy of Doom, Amebix, Bolt Thrower, Deviated Instinct and more, swallowed them and then given birth to an even more brutal heavy sounding hellspawn! Comes in gatefold cover. This split supports Mass Grave Euro tour September 2008. Limited 200 copies multicolor splattered vinyl edition available.

Album n° 10 for those Swedish veterans, the d-beat band with the biggest death metal background around. This one is pretty different from the previous "Welcome to the anarcho city", Uncurbed downtuned their guitars and got heavy and loud as hell. Call it d-beat but it's more close to an earthquake! Recorded by Peter Bjärgö (Meanwhile, Tyrant, Arcana etc...). Limited 200 copies red vinyl edition available. Cd version comes in 666 copies including deluxe cardboard slipcase.

AG52.5 BAN THIS! - How To Destroy A Quiet Sleep 7" EP SOLD OUT
The regaz continue walking their own path made of early 80's california hc (Black Flag and Adolescents) adding rockish touches and speed!!!!! Limited edition of 400 handnumbered copies!!! Co-released with Don't Need Records

Second full lenght for the young veterans out in time for their US tour a whole month in July. The sound got heavier comparing with the first effort. The band succeeds in creating their own particular sound exploring the realms of the heaviest yet darkest crust mixing it with the typical italian old school hardcore desperation and urgency also reflected in the gloomy lyrics. Live they are like a heavy punch in the face! CD version features an unreleased long outro that will appeal to any Joy Division fan. In Maximum Rock'n'Roll #302 you'll read an interview with the guys! 250 copies limited edition on coloured vinyl.
"The excellent debut LP from this italian band made up from the crew of Agipunk Records was a great distinctive take on the low-end TRAGEDY melodic hardcore, though blasted at faster pace with harsh, scattered Italian screamed over the top. This second, superbly packaged LP pulls in at a way slower and monstrously heavier, metallic pace. There's still fast thrashing with blazing guitar leads at points, but the somber mood and dark edge left by these eight tracks is akin to primal moments of Brazilian crossover hardcore with guttural, throaty vocals and just an absolutely crushing, devastating slowness wrapped in grimy distortion. The lyrics are similar to a lot of classic Italian hardcore - near poetry, with storytelling used to express a bleak worldview. Strongest reccomendation for fans of metal-punk hybrids for its lumbering devastation and churning attack. (KS)” Maximum Rock’n’Roll #306

AG51 REALITY CRISIS - Discharge Your Frustration LP SOLD OUT
Japanese crust heroes, this is their second full-lenght taking a step forward their classic DOOM/ENT-like crust sound making it fresh though violent as usual. Limited to 500 copies.
AG50 HELLSHOCK - Singles Collection Double-LP COL. VINYL SOLD OUT
Great collection featuring all their singles: self-titled 7" 2003, split 7" with Consume 2003, split with Effigy 2004, "World darknes" 7" 2005, "Warlord" 7" 2005, "Shakonetu joku" 7" 2005, and tracks from the "Portland City Hard Punk" Lp-compilation 2005. Modern stenchore masters, unmissabale even for the ones who own the originals. US press on Black Waters, Cd version on HG Fact, European version limited to 500 copies. Comes with obi + booklet. 100 copies on red stained black vinyl.

AG49 KONTATTO - Disillusione LP SOLD OUT
After some years of hiatus, Kontatto are back on the map. Their first full lenght is a total journey into the d-beat crust universe. Think of classics like Anti Cimex, E.N.T. and early Wolfpack played with the old scoolish italian anger. Galloping turbo drums ripped by thrashing double guitars fuelled by distorted bass filled with angry pissed off nuclear double vocals. Artwork by Stiv of War, one of the best creations of the master of ogres and skulls !!! A holocaust in your head !!!! Featuring members from Campus Sterminii and Giuda. 200 copies limited edition on clear vinyl available through mailorder.

AG48 HELLSHOCK - Only The Dead Know The End Of War LP
Official re-repress of their first Lp! Heading from Portland, this is a classic of modern stenchcore! 500 new copies available for all the crust maniacs out there!
AG48 HELLSHOCK - Only The Dead Know The End Of War Picture LP
Official re-repress of their first Lp! This is a special edition, released to celebrate their third European tour. Only 300 pieces pressed. Doomed to be a collectible item, get this pictured piece of wax before it’s too late!!!
Italian young kids coming from Bologna. 110% unadulterated 80's California hc in the vein of Black Flag or Adolescents with a touch of 70's rock a-là Black Sabbath! Intense lyrics as well, unmissable! 666 copies press, 166 on white vinyl available only through mailorder  

AG47-CD BAN THIS! - Psychotic Reactions CD SOLD OUT
Italian young kids coming from Bologna. 110% unadulterated 80's California hc in the vein of Black Flag or Adolescents with a touch of 70's rock a-là Black Sabbath! Intense lyrics as well, unmissable! The same as the Lp + 7" and demo as bonus!!!


AG46 RUIN / T.R.I.B.E. Split LP
A whole brigade of veterans for this new release. Ruin feature people from Doom, Disaffect, Debris, Scatha... and play totally 90's crust packed with nowadays powerful sound and anger. Tribe are ex-Scatha and are really close to them, lots of metal breaks that you'll dig even if you don't have long hair. crust as fuck as always. gatefold cover. limited green 180 gr. vinyl edition only through mailorder, 100 copies only!
We are proud to announce their come back with a new Lp, 10 new songs recorded at the SUNLIGHT studios with Thomas Skogsberg! The songs sound like a mix between the "Allday Hell" era and "Lychantro Punk". US press on Unrest. Limited edition on clear silver-splattered vinyl. Second press available, only 500 copies

AG44 LA PIOVRA One Sided Picture Disk 12"
Euro picture disk version of their silk-screened one sided LP on Youth Attack with revisited artwork + 1 unreleased track! Great italian hc punk with tons of rock influences: a mix between Minor threat, Kiss, Peggio Punx and... Jerry Lee Lewis?!?! Ex L'Amico Di Martucci/Ohuzaru's folks!

AG43 PROPHECY OF DOOM - Tri-Battle Thought-Form Engagement 7" SOLD OUT
We are proud to have the gods back on vinyl!! along with Deviated Instinct, Hellbastard, Axegrinder, Genital Deformities... they have defined nowadays sound called stench-core. two unreleased tracks from '96, bulldozer!!!
AG42 AGHAST - Deformities LP
Aghast are back on Agipunk after their first 7"! raw wall of noise d-beat from the States, think about Confuse, Disclose, Eu's Arse, Gloom... 110% distortion! out in time for their euro tour summer 2007. 200 copies limited edition on yellow splattered vinyl
AG41 DIRTY POWER GAME - Oligarchia Parassita LP
Second lp! italian crusters sound like ENT on speed, or a more frantic version of Disrupt. Growled/screamed vocals, fast drumming, total crust inferno!!!! 666 copies press, 166 on clear red vinyl available only through mailorder
AG40 ED - Nailed To The Board LP
BOLOGNA HC skate thrashers rule! Those young kids play classic fast italian hc a-là Indigesti meets old california punk meets bay area thrashcore. On stage they are a tornado machine and keep the bandana spirit alive with a honest attitude (they really skate!). Municipal Waste fans will totally dig it! split release with Stress to Death. 100 copies limited edition on clear green vinyl
AG39 ALEHAMMER - Mine's A Pint Of Crust Picture 10" SOLD OUT
People coming from Extinction of Mankind, Prophecy of Doom and Impulse Manslaughter team up for 6 heavy as fuck raw pounding crust tracks that will blow everything away! Doom meet Slaughter meets Celtic Frost! each copy will include a Alehammer beermat!!!
AG38 FORCA MACABRA - Aqui È O Inferno LP
Finnish Brazilo-thrashers finally back with a new album. Cover artwork by Sugi. Limited edition on yellow vinyl available only through mailorder. US press on Black Waters. 200 copies limited edition on orange vinyl
Finnish Brazilo-thrashers finally back with a new album. Cover artwork by Sugi. US press on Black Waters. Same track-list as LP. US press on Black Waters
All-stars band from Italy ex-here-and-there. Mixing the fury of Italian old school HC, the strenght of crust and the rage of japcore!!! CD version on MCR Company/Japan. 200 copies limited edition on clear vinyl
This is the repress of a fantastic compilation released in january 2005 (in 500 copies) and sold out fast as lightning. 45 bands from the 80's golden era of italian hc. Well known bands, other great acts for the first time officially repressed on vinyl since the 80's and obscure bands that released just some demo tapes: I DENY, CHAIN REACTION, IMPACT, BASTA, INFEZIONE, KINA, THE WOPS, KOBRA, HIGH CIRCLE, EU'S ARSE, THE RUDE, LAGER, REIG, STINKY RATS, UPSET NOISE, ROUGH, DICTATRISTA, RAW POWER, LAST CALL, UART PUNK, DIOXINA, SHOCKIN TV, ATROX, I REFUSE IT, STIGMATHE, RAPPRESAGLIA, UNDERAGE, U.D.S., NEGAZIONE, DIGOS GOAT, NABAT, BLAXFEMA, BED BOYE, INDIGESTI, WARFARE?, CONTRAZIONE, YOUNGBLOOD, UPSIDE, F.C.A., FALL OUT, P.S.A., PEGGIO PUNX, STIGE, FUN, TIRATURA LIMITATA. Included a 48 pages booklet with pictures and history (in italian) about each band. This repress comes with a gatefold cover, one colored vinyl and an introduction written by Stiv "TVOR" Valli for this occasion. A total must for everyone into the old italian hc sound!! 200 copies limited edition with both vinyls colored.
AG35 RAPPRESAGLIA - 1982-1983 LP
Classic band from the early years of Italian hardcore, featuring Impact drummer. This reissue includes 2 tracks appeared on "Skin e Punk = TNT" compilation 7" EP from 1983 and 6 unreleased demo tracks from 1982. Those 8 tracks have already appeared on the "1982" reissue LP (pressed in 500 copies) released in 1998, but here we have new artwork and 3 additional rehearsal tracks from 1983 which see the light for the very first time. 11 tracks in total showing the hardcore (and best) period of Rappresaglia. Booklet included. 200 copies limited edition on purple vinyl
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