TKY 2020 (Flexi 7")

Symphony Of Destruction - 5 €

Raw Noise Punk, based in Tokyo with (ex-) members of KAFKA, MORPHEME, THE VERTIGOS, and Jon as singer (ex-ODIO). TKY 2020 is the 3-track debut flexi from this new band out of Tokyo that features members of 2 Bay Area hardcore bands, Morpheme and Odio. The sound here is raw d-beat with a Disorder-style dentist-drill guitar sound. However, while the guitars are noisy, the rest of the instruments have a heavier, meatier sound more like Kriegshog or Framtid’s more bruising moments, which makes for an interesting juxtaposition. This might not be the most original thing in the world, but it’s powerfully played and well executed.