Time Flies (7")

Destructure - 5 €

Time Flies is the awaited new record from Youth Avoiders. After an acclaimed 7 songs demo tape later repressed on 7″, after a confirmation of their talentuous songwritting skills on the split 7″ shared with Zombies are Pïssed, The ¾ parisian, ¼ german combo offers you 4 new songs. On this 45 rpm 7″ full of dynamics, you will recognise the perfect mix that is now the unique band’ signature. Their music is a fresh and urgent hardcore punk, with a clean and vicious guitar sound that brings the already good riffs to a even higher level. This is accompagned by an acute and powerfull drumming, a solid and devoted bass riffing and fronted by a punchy and rasping voice. This still quite young band has quickly matured helped by the good amount of shows played in only a couple years in their hometown Paris, but also in France, Germany & England.