Mutilate Mankind 1995-1997 (CD)

Do Not Consume - 6 €

Wind of Pain was a crust band from Helsinki, Finland, they formed around 1993 by people who were also in Selfish, Forca Macabre, Rytmihäiriö, Circus of Flesh and the viking/folk metallers Moonsorrow. They recorded Warpain Explosion three track demo tape and two years later they released two split ep's with Finnish punks Sian Iho (selfreleased) and Money Drug from Poland on Scream Rec.s. State of brutality was released in 1996 and one year later they released Wealthrevel 7" (Scapegoat Rec.s), a split tape with Disclose came out in 1999 by the Slovenian label Abnormal Tapes. Worldmachine was their first and only full length, it came out in 1999 by Malarie. This compilation contains all these recorded studio works from 1995-1997 plus all the compilation tracks. Music wise Wind Of Pain delivers mid pace to fast crust with metallic riffs, rhythm section full of energy and deep low throaty vocals, imagine Hellshock playing their their songs faster and using a few Hellbastard riffs here and there.Originally released on tape by Malarie Records.