Decathect (LP)

Profane Existence - 11 €

WE MUST DISMANTLE ALL THIS! is plague-dark melodic anarcho-crust from central Illinois. Scandinavian-style D-beat merged with frenzied thrash, impassioned black metal, and 80’s raw punk, reverberating the sounds of TRAGEDY, NUX VOMICA, and ARGIMONIA with lyrics that rival the despair, misery, and desolation of DYSTOPIA. ‘DECATHECT’ means to withdraw one’s feelings of attachment from a person, idea, or object in anticipation of a future loss. This theme blisters from the record through ferocious riffs, layered melodies, and personal pain. DECATHECT is the band’s fifth release in their six-year experience and represents the height of their fury, intensity, and rage at the social contagions that blacken our modern age.