Mielonka Rzeszowska LTD ED (LP)

Pasażer Records - 15 €

Someone else got an award in Jarocin 87, but they won it - Wañka Wstañka! A cheerful rock'n'roll swindle of musicians of the legendary band 1984, and a brilliant frontman - leader: BUFETA. The songs are rough, cheerful, uncultured, some of them folk, some drunk, not shying away from thick jokes. Oh, sometimes very thick - we definitely do not recommend it to children.
The discography of this band is scandalously neglected. They didn't make any studio recordings in the 80s. Barely at the end of that stage of their activity, they released the concert cassette "Na ¯ywiec" (1988), which we remind you on the CD. But on the vinyl entitled "Mielonka Rzeszowska" we will serve you two other concerts from those years. Rzeszów, from the beginning of 1987 described as "Buffet goes to the army", and a concert from the small stage in Jarocin. The vinyl comes with a thick booklet documenting those times. LIMITED EDITION ON YELLOW VINYL.