Split (7")

RSR - 3 €

You may want to make sure your health insurance premiums are paid in full before you slap this little piece of plastic on the turntable because it is going to pummel you big time.
WADGE rip through their side of the record like a rabid pitbull would rip through a litter of kittens.
Totally uncompromising and grinding fastcore executed flawlessly but with pure rage and violence.
On the flip side S.O.C. are noisier and looser than WADGE but no less fierce.
Whereas WADGE uses precision, S.O.C. uses chaos.
Thanks in large part to the deranged vo-kills, S.O.C.'s music sounds like at any moment it might spin out of control, yet it never does.
It is an eternally building crescendo with no downside and no relief.
Totally insane.