Life Conception (CD)

MCR Company - 8 €

This is a HOT NAGOYA-CHUKYO area compilation by the new-old PUNK/HC bands! Starting off with ACUTE cosisting of ex-Soothe, Tomorrow, Curioso members playing raging intense female vocal HC, next comes HIBIKI playing hyper speedy thrash with serious Japanese lyrics. Next comes Nagoya's veteran doom rock band ETERNAL ELYSIUM, and next comes Accused style ugly crossover cult horror taste HC ADA+MAX, next:brutal metalish heavy HC DEIEDRO LOS DIABLOS, next:raging hot japcore MAD GUILLOTINES! Next:UK80's style male/female dual vocals HC punk band A.S.K. next:brutal bulldozing crusty grind HC DISGUST, next:ex-Chainsaw singer Jerry's new band BUILD MORE SPEED playing technical thash metalish crossover male/female dual vo HC. Next comes STRIKE OUT from OKAZAKI city playing rockin' driving HC and at last finally comes GENBAKU ONANIES! Total 11 bands, 2 songs each, an awsome copIlation produced by Shinobu(MAD GUILLOTINES)!!!