Ellas Son Eléctricas (LP)

Beat Generation Records - 13 €

Shining a light on women's role in the late '70s and '80s hard rock scene in Spain, Ellas son Eléctricas comes filled to the rafters with kick ass Spanish metal, hard rock, AOR or thrash, reviewing the story of unfairly ignored ladies of Spanish \metal. Most of these songs see a vinyl release for the very first time (only Malena y Belcebu's song had previously been released), coming straight from obscure demos. Comes with an extensive 32-page booklet with plenty of photos, reviews, bios, and other awesome shit. Features Malena Y Belcebu, HuracanNeurosisCasandraAmnesiaMolePleyadeLazyYin YangWar, and Viuda Negra.