3 Way Split (LP)

Break The Chains - 10 €

“THRASH YOURSELF AND FUCK THE REST" One sided 12” MLP, other side etched.
Limited to 400 units only, first 100 handnumbered on glamour pink vinyl. All copies with insert.
This cool release really breaks the chains of standard underground!!!
Three bands from three different countries but sharing the same attitude and passion for the music they live:
VOETSEK (Usa) : The San Francisco thrashers strike again with new hits of raging 'n' angry HC their only cool way! Open a beer and let it be fast!!!
BARBATOS (Jpn): The solo creature of unholy master Yasuyuki Suzuki returns to kill you one more time!!! Extreme metal/punk tunes for Bulldozer and Bathory addicts!!!
MINKIONS (Ita): These crazy drunk dudes come from North-eastern Italy offer nothing but pure explosion of true crossover/thrash the '80s vein of Suicidal Tendencies, The Accused and Wehrmacht!!!
Limited version is 12 €.