Damned And Defiant (LP)

Self - 13 €

The Varukers… this band is a legend. If you’ve never heard about them, please do your homework. Originating long back in 1979, Varukers, along with Discharge, were the first to pummel the d-beat style of hardcore punk we know today.
This is the raw and aggressive, fist-pounding sound that made punk loud and political. With it’s intensely raging guitars and galloping drums, everything these guys have ever produced is a staple in UK punk that deserves our attention.
“Damned and Defiant” was released last October and it’s their first full-length since 2005’s “Hellbound”. In the meantime, Rat has been busy singing for Discharge and Warwound. Drummer, Kevin Frost, is also pretty busy with tons of other bands. As usual the band delivers the right overdose of D beat and distorted guitars we're used to. Despite the age of the members, Varukers are still a top notch band!