Split (LP)

R.S.R. - 12 €

WAR MASTER and UNHOLY GRAVE team up for an awesome split album's worth of pummeling death metal and grindcore.
Unholy Grave – classic Japanese grindcore band. In the underground grindcore scene I’d say they are as classic as Napalm Death. No one needs a closer introduction to the band, everyone has already heard them and know whether they like them or not. I can only say that even if I haven’t heard all their MANY releases (has anyone?) this is among their better stuff if you ask me.
War Master has taken their name from a Bolt Thrower song so you might expect them to sound like that, but to me there are more Stormcrow qualities to this – slow, heavy, brutal, dirty, crusty metal. These two tracks are rough as hell with a touch, or more than a touch, of Swedish death metal.