Noise Chaos (LP)

Byllepest Distro - 12 €

As you all know, we love noise punk and japanese hardcore at a almost fetishised level.

Prepare for the most obnoxious release of the past years.
A unholy tea-drinking, gluesniffing fuzion of the noisiest and most blown out sounds in hardore punk; THE WANKYS/FUZZY GLUE BUZZ NOISE CHAOS 45 RPM is well on it's way.

FUZZY GLUE BUZZ from Stockholm, Sweden debuted in 2016 with their EP on their own Stupid Noise Records and have now perfectioned their extreme GAI Worship with blown out razorblade guitars gained up to 11 with little-to-none lows and gargling, snotty and drunk vocals. Bringing together four songs of catchiness, noise and stupidity while taking the Sweden/Japan exchange in unexpected and pubertal directions.

THE WANKYS returns with possibly their rawest, stupidest material to date. Getting rid of overproduction and bringing their sound closer to their original EP and Demo from what seems to be a decade ago. Mr. Wanky and friends brings the noise with their Swankys-styled punk anthems about existential anxiety, their obsession with tea and pubertal humor. ABC I love Wankys.