Levitate (LP)

Fan Club - 13 €

BACK IN STOCK!!! In a music-industry where sex sells and a truckload of sugar helps the melody go down, Mark E. Smith once again provides the antidote to post-industrial malaise with the unsweetened and sexless Levitate, the 28th studio album from The Fall. Smith, the snarling, drawling art-punk troll, has made a career of driving that antidote down the throat of the audience, and with Levitate delivers the most eclectic, exciting and challenging dose since The Infotainment Scan. Levitate represents the culmination of a decade of the subtle shift in The Fall's musical dynamic, away from the punk-derived guitar toward electronic dance-inspired rhythms. This album, seen as a whole, finds a new balance, consolidating the old and the new, drawing on the strength found in the wealth of their musical history while serving as a foretaste of The Fall to come.