Split (7")

RSR - 5 €

God damn the Suppression side of this is ripping!!!!! Have they always sounded like this????? I have a few older Suppression records but I have to admit I'm posing out a little, I am not intimately familiar with this band. I haven't even seen them live before, despite the fact that I have been at multiple shows of theirs in the last 2 years. Clearly I am just fucking up.
Their side is totally bonkers power violence-cum-noisecore. Feels like minimal instrumentation but with maximum sound and sonic density. But not like Sete Star Sept big tone, more like, they must be using a lot of effects, some noise, and also the production is just really spot-on for this sort of attack, it adds a certain texture and density that is perfect for the material. Shit is super tasteful and exciting, I love it. Now excuse me while I go buy the recent LP.
SMS side is similar in feeling to the recent split 7" with Final Exit, only subtract all the Metallica stuff. A certain ebb and flow of spontaneity, noisecore as a soundscape and what's being painted is a total whirlwind of crazy noise. One of the best bands in the game right now and I love their side too.