Kängnäve (CD)

Prank Records - 12 €

Charging Swedish punk attack, burning guitars and sore throats, cracked cymbals and worn out Discharge records, "KängNäve" (pronounced schang-naa-veh, meaning "crust fist") is the second full length album by Stockholm's humor-laced Sunday Morning Einsteins. Full tilt hardcore with a wickedly bent sense of humor, Sunday Morning Einsteins previously released an LP on Minneapolis Sin Fronterias label and a 7" ("Svensk Mangel" EP) on Prank. This LP follows the Prank EP in a double-time hardcore assault and/or salute on/to the beer sodden crusties who, at peak moments carefully holding a can of beer in one hand, raise the other hand in the KängNäve-crust fist!!! Okay, these guys might be kidding, but that's what they told Prank the concept was. Chalk it up to translation of Swedish humor and a band made up of members of legendary hardcore bands Wolf Brigade and Svart Snö not afraid to do a piss-take, at least lyrically, on their own scene. Musically it's up there with the best of detonating hardcore powerhouses, riffing with the complexity and overdrive of Svart Snö, but explosive in it's own direction.