Bayou (LP)

Alerta Antifascista - 12 €

Sangharsha is a band consisting of 4 guys from Nepal with one motive to realize who they are and what they want to become in life and it’s existence. As the word Sangharsha means struggle, it has been a struggle to exist and realize this dream since 2010. They currently reside in NYC and have been putting out material since then and playing live once in a while. Music wise SANGHARSHA is for friends and followers from Bands like Converge, Masakari, Cave In, Disfear, Genghis Tron, the Red Chord,Neurosis and others. The technical mastery is mind-blowing, as is the way they manage to squeeze in brutal melodies and hooks. The vocal lines seem to be woven into the guitars, to which they’ve also added a bluesier feel, a detail that reminds me of the classic post-Negative Approach Touch and Go band Laughing Hyenas. It’s a streamlined, live-sounding collection that can feel like one giant kick to the head. But they know when to give, take, and plop in a slow-grind blues riff. Tracks overlap and echo. When they slow things down to a momentary crawl, it’s like a chair’s been pulled out from behind you. “Bayou” picks all of that up gorgeously.