Split (7")

Haunted Hotel - 5 €

The avenging Aussie hatecore godfathers crawl from their cosmic deathcamp to lock horns with the reigning scumfuck overlords of American hardrock bloodlust! Kill yourself repeatedly as chainsaw abortion specialists BRODY'S MILITIA plow through five seething covers of fastcore era RUPTURE classics with unrelenting speed and a massive studio recording. Flip the fucker and get assaulted by prime unreleased live cuts from RUPTURE captured in 1996 at their venomous best. The demented brilliance of Gus Chamber lives on through a totally booze blasted bit of banana-bending brutality! This long overdue and totally fucked up meeting of the masterminds of filth comes wrapped in an eye-gouging full color cover and has been lovingly served to you morbid fucken apeforms via Haunted Hotel Records!