2000-2005 (CD)

Havoc - 8 €

This CD collects all of Riistetyt's material from their reformation in 1999 to the present.
Included are the "Tervetuola Kuolema" 7" (Fight/Havoc, 2000), "Kuka Valehtelee?" LP (Fight Records, 2001), "Orjat Ja Kurkat" 10" (Fight, 2003) and the latest "Kahleet" 7" (Havoc, 2005).
Plus there are 3 bonus tracks from the Kahleet session that aren't on the 7".
Riistetyt were famous in the 80's for playing hardcore thrash influenced by Chaos UK, Discharge and Disorder.
Their modern sound picks up the progression of this style of Finnish hardcore and adds a deeper, heavier, more brutal tone more in line with modern Scandinavian crust.
The Discharge/UKHC influence and the classic Finnish sound are still the main elements.
However, the production and musicianship are more up to speed with current hardcore sounds.