In Time (7")

Unrest - 4 €

The latest EP from Edmonton band, Rhythm of Cruelty, exudes a strong blend of Lo-Fi sound and gothic appeal.
It's glum from start to finish yet still exciting.
Not all bands can get the whole dark "atmosphere" thing down without coming off pretentious or derivative. A lot of them end up sounding like bloated, third-rate Nine Inch Nails wannabes.
After the brooding of the opening track "In Time" the album delivers 2 smooth and sort of heavy tunes in "The Past" and "The Walls pt.1".
They feel like the safer and more standard cuts.
The last track Pictures is a real fun and spooky cut. I'd say it's the strongest track on the album.
The constant shredding chimes give ambiance to the eerie melody of lead singer Brandi's vocals.
There is a real strong image of British punk bands that immediately come mind. Like Joy Division, the feel is a dark one twined with a string of blissful melody throughout.
Yet, it possesses a modern feel, a definite product of what is possible electronically in music in this age.