Welcome To Reality (LP)

Profane Existence - 12 €

BACK IN STOCK!!! Resistant Culture has claims to fame in guitarist Jesse Pintado (RIP), who, post-Napalm Death, was working with the band before his untimely passing, and vocalist Anthony Rezhawk (aka "Tony Militia"), who did the last Terrorizer album alongside Pintado. However, this band more than stands on its own, and I'm astounded that I didn't hear of it earlier.
It's crusty grindcore with tribal influences – but the latter are truly tribal, working in Native American drums, chants, and flutes. The riffs are crushing, the recording is crisp, and blastbeats strafe the mix powerfully and precisely.
16 songs, 31 minutes, none less than fierce. Rezhawk’s vocals are strong and amazingly understandable: "Clear cut the heart / Strip mine the soul / Nature for profit / It’s all out of control"
These are sentiments I can definitely get with.