Return To Instincts (7")

Insane Society - 5 €

Repression Attack from Russia have been unleashing their heavy brand of stenchcore since 2007. This snot green seven inch sees a new line-up. Yet they still retain that heavy sound which is similar in style to the ‘Welcome To The Orgy’ period of Deviated Instinct. As well as combining elements of Misery and ‘Out from the void’ era Antisect.
They have progressed since their 2013 album “Altar of Destruction”. But still have preserved their dark sound. The song ‘Demon’ delves deep into this darkness. Opening with a hostile menacing riff, with shrieks and shouts as the riff repeats and repeats with things getting more angry and thunderous with every note. As the song progresses, there is a point where it all changes. And it almost seems uplifting in sound or gives hope. But just as life perhaps, it turns back to the cold grey desolate gloom. With the bass remaining very low rumbling but solid throughout. The second song “Rebirth” opens with an icy styled synth. But breaks very quickly into a menacing chug. There is almost a feeling of alienation. Lyrically it talks of nature reclaiming our industrialized earth. Sludgy bass, foreboding thumping drums, where now the vocals sound fearful and repulsed. When everything comes to a halt, you have to experience and listen to this whole record again and again.