Deathly Fighter (7")

Crowmaniax Records - 10 €

BACK IN STOCK!!! The most sloppy, noise punk version of true heavy metal probably ever, Deathly Fighter takes G.I.S.M. guitarist Randy Uchida and gives him an outlet for his overt heavy metal tendencies.

You'd think that this would equate a slick single of polished chrome but - NO - both sides are heavy metal alright, but they're rusted to the point of blistering. Sure, the songs are definitely arranged like early-80's NWOBHM(despite the Crue inspired leather 'n' studs duds, Iron Maiden seems to be the flavor of choice), but the execution is 100% punk as fuck; mistakes are made and no one stops to look back to see what went wrong. The beginning of "Crazy Bomber" is Germs level loose.

It's probably on purpose as Randy Uchida is an excellent guitarist, a quality shredder as good as any Bay Area thrasher - he simply doesn't give a fuck. His twiddle wizardry often ends in a gronk or another 'unpleasant' sound, they don't waste time cleaning it all up.

And, as you'd imagine, the production is raw as your grocer's fresh meat department; not to Detestation's cassette 4-track brutality, but when you're talking half-inch 8-track - it ain't that big a difference.

This is the kind of Punk Metal more bands should try and do - we all love Motorhead, but, c'mon...