PMS 84

Easy Way Out (LP)

Discos Enfermos - 12 €

BACK IN STOCK!!! Much-anticipated debut LP from this killer Portland punk band!
After a couple of killer 7”s, here’’s the debut full-length from Portland’s PMS 84. PMS 84 has long been a favorite around Sorry State, and while I think they miss their original vocalist’s more unique and identifiable style, they still write some of the absolute best UK82-style punk out there. While a lot of bands who take the Riot City and No Future catalogs as their inspiration sound almost deliberately plodding to my ears, PMS 84 have a real spring in their step, making more upbeat and memorable bands like the Partisans and Ultra Violent the best reference points for their sound. While this sound can start to wear on the ear over the course of a full-length, PMS 84 deftly throws you a bone in the form of a super catchy guitar lead, bass break, or squeal of guitar feedback just as you think that your attention is starting to wonder. A perfectly-executed punk full-length by a band with some of the most airtight songwriting you’ll find.