Kniven For Struben (LP)

Adult Crash - 12 €

Catchy Copenhagen Punk Rock inspired by Scandinavian 70's melancholia and with hints of early West Coast punk rock melodies. This is a beacon in a grey-on-grey city!
Turquoise wax for mailorders + through the band as long as we have them...


I’ve never been a fan of garage punk but sometimes I find some new bands that manage to crank up some jangly tunes to make the heart swell.
Planet Y hail from Copenhagen, Denmark, and come at you swinging some upbeat guitar driven music, inspired by Scandinavian 70’s melancholia and hints of early West Coast punk-rock melodies, as the press-release goes. If you’re already tired of all the noisy, metallic and brutal stuff out there, Planet Y could make for a great listening experience, especially for those of you into bands like Masshysteri, Gorilla Angreb, or No Hope For The Kids. I’m also sure these guys will be a real fun to see live!
By Mittens XVX