Split (7")

Crucificados Pelo Sistema - 4 €

10 new tracks from Norway's Parlamentarisk Sodomi.
A 5 minutes long nonstop blast which sets a new high standard in modern gindcore.
You will scratch your eyeballs out when you hear this - some of the most unrelenting grindcore since INSECT WARFARE and the most radical crusty punked up grind heard in the last decade.
Blodsprut is grindcore in its purest form.
Norway's noise artists Anders Hana (MoHa! / Ultralyd / Noxagt) and Patrick Petterson recorded a sonic statement of drastic metallic radicalism, paying tribute to the days of old school grind, noisecore and mixing it up with some hysterical noise rock interludes.
With just two percussion kits, vocals, distortion and noise they conjure complex rhythmic blasts, evil feedback tortures and interfuse them with demonic howls from the deepest pits of hell.