Die Impact Jahre (Double LP)

Power It Up Records - 24 €

Another classic German punk / hardcore story. First released in 1994 on Impact Records, now released again for the first time, but as a double LP with bonus tracks. Did you hear „The 7th Sign” back then? The power chords at the beginning of „Blind und Taub” or the brutal riffing of „Falsche Demokratie”, „The 7th Sign” contains metallic elements, although it goes without saying that the band’s punk-dominated past will not be forgotten. One thing is for sure: The 1994 album is one of the jewels of OHL‘s discography, not least because of its lyrical content. Four years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the OHL is raging against the old asshole Erich’s regime in the GDR. A handful of songs deal with this topic, but OHL doesn’t close its eyes to right-wing extremism either. In terms of the lyrics, this is nothing more than logical, OHL also doesn’t forget to speak out against ultra-religious maniacs. The music is not overshadowed by the lyrics. OHL present themselves in a well regenerated state. With freshly charged batteries they shoot 18 songs into the crowd and that’s almost too much of a good thing. The cover artwork has been completely revised, the result is a beautifully designed gatefold cover with an inside / out design.