…Bis Zum Bitteren Ende (LP)

Plastic Bomb - 12 €

When speaking of the most famous punk bands from the Germany of the 1980s, then, next to SLIME, TOXOPLASMA, RAZZIA and VORKRIEGSJUGEND you don't have to forget to put the name NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES. In 1983 the band released their first, now legendary, album "To the Bitter End" on AGGGRESSIVE Rockproduktionen (AGR), the one-time leading German punk label. It's an album, as there were none before and after. Distinctive and original. With a completely unique character. The contents were drawn by the constant threat of the Cold War between the US and the USSR. The excellently formulated lyrics reflect the mood of the time. Anger and incomprehension dominate, but also hope and joy of life have their place. Here you can find the best songs of the band, such as "All bare here"; "We want to live"; "Promised Paradise", "Do not give up", "New Beginning" and perhaps the most famous song "Cold Stones". Following the first 1983 press, it was repressed in 1998 by WEIRD SYSTEM RECORDS. It was sold out many years ago and now it is finally reissued by Plastic Bomb Records. It comes with printed Innersleeve and first with MP3 Code.