Plead Insanity (LP)

Power It Up Records - 15 €

BACK IN STOCK!!! One of the roughest and most politically active hardcore punk bands of the 80s from Holland were NEUROOT from Arnhem. Legendary is the song "(Wir sind) Die Ratten vom MÃŒll" from their 7" from 1985. For many years they have been organizing concerts at the "Goudvishall"-Squat in Arnhem. In 1987 the "Plead Insanity" LP was released, a milestone in the history of the dutch Punk Rock scene of the 80s, whose music and lyrical content is still highly relevant today. This LP is now rereleased for the first time including the originally intended (but back then not used) LP cover artwork as well as a previously unreleased song! A true Killer! DESTROY WHAT DESTROYS YOU!