#361 (Jun 2013)

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In this new, exciting issue, we chat with Kathleen Hanna of Riot Grrrl fame; we talk to Andy Lefton about the Minneapolis-based online community Organize and Arise; we get a great back-seat view of the RATS' European tour, and meet the forces behind hardcore band NÖ PÖWER. Also, Finland's all-girl D-beat band MELUSAASTE tell it how they see and feel it; HARD FEELINGS talk about their hometown scene in Duluth, MI; crust punks FEAR OF EXTINCTION fill us in on their local Czech scene; we catch up with UK's veterans of punk rock the SHORTS, and last but not least we have the first installment of an in-depth interview with the people behind L.A.'s classic We Got Power zine! All this, plus a SoCal show report, Shitworker of the Month (who could it be?), columns, letters and the most extensive reviews in hardcore punk print today!