#358 (Mar 2013)

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Hey everybody! Maximum Rocknroll #358, the March 2013 issue is here, featuring the infamous YEAR-END TOP TENS OF 2012!!! That's right — inside you will find varying opinions from some of your fellow punks on the best of. Crack this new issue open to argue or confirm what "taste" is! We also have interviews with Brontez Purnell of YOUNGER LOVERS discussing his various projects, DIY and his involvement in punk through his own unique lens. We also have Northampton, Massachusetts' POTTY MOUTH with their unique blend of sounds reminiscent of punk, pop and surf rolled into some killer tuneage. From the long days and long nights of Sweden we have NITAD busting up preconceptions of Swedish punk, hardcore and crust. Noise assault weirdos SCHIZOPHAZIA from Canada invite you into the demented mindset that creates this demented sound. Plus an East Anglia, UK, scene report, and we introduce you to our MRR Shitworker of the Month: Mark Dober. All of this along with your favorite columns, news and the most extensive review section in punk rock print!