#342 (Nov 2011)

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Yes, kids, it's the November 2011 issue of MRR! This month we have a noisecore symposium featuring members of Kyushu Japan's finest, including CONFUSE and SEIG-HEIL. That's right, the genre defining, brain annihilating sounds that have doomed many a punk to a life of spending loud night… We also have an interview with our own columnist George Tabb‘s former HC band from the early '80s ROACH MOTEL! Plus, there are interviews with Buffalo NY's hardcore mutants BROWN SUGAR, mysterious North Carolinians BRAIN F≠‚ Boston's devastating BRAIN KILLER, more noize-not-music — from the Netherlands this time — with NEKROMANTIKER, some Oi! courtesy of Washington State's AIRES AND GRACES, Canadian punkers VAPID, a talk with Nevin from long running Florida label IFB, and Brazilian anarcho-HC ragers NO REST. All of this madness along with the usual assortment of columnists to puzzle, delight and annoy, and the most extensive review section in punk rock print!