#331 (Dec 2010)

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Are you ready for another exciting issue of Maximum Rocknroll?! The December issue, #331, is here! This month features Finnish hardcore band KYLMÄ SOTA following their amazing full length release. Chicago punk legend Vic Bondi gives us an inside look into past and present of ARTICLES OF FAITH. TOTAL ABUSE answers some questions about their failures, successes, and image. From the border town of Nogales, Mexico, LA MERMA gives us an important and intimate interview about the realities of a punk band struggling to survive in a city that is being torn apart by drug violence and the constant threat of Arizona's violent approach to immigration. Hailing from Venezuela, DOÑA MALDAD discusses the state of anarcho-punk today, the value differences between punks in different countries, and the real dirt on current day, Chavez-ruled Venezuela. Both in Spanish and in English! FRANKIE ROSE AND THE OUTS gives us some insight into their melodic, garagey, dreamy sound. Tallahassee punks, LITTLE LEAGUE, discuss the trials and tribulations of a DIY scene in a small town, and the integration of activism and punk. Aberdeen anarcho punks, VERSIFICATOR, talk about Scottish punk today, their music and their message. We have scene reports from Frankfurt, Germany, and Belgium, and as always the most extensive review section in punk. Plus all your favorite columnists and a few new ones, including Alex from Ratcharge zine!