Western Waste (LP)

P.Trash - 5 €

Playing in the league of new german bands with teams like THE TOYOTAS, TATORT TOILET or THE GRIZZLY ADAMS BAND, these 5 foxes climb up position after position with their very authentic and outstanding sound.
Their fine debut is comprised of 12 stirring mid-tempo and more hectic up-beat tracks, mixing the melodic, yet raspy "Land Speed"-era HÜSKER DÜ guitarwork with ANGRY SAMOANS' catchiness, GUN CLUB's playful feeling for melodies and an explicit coloring of early '80s German-Punk a la TOXOPLASMA (especially the singer's offensive vocal skills), crowned with melodic singalong choruses.
Could easily be associated with Swedens` VICIOUS approach to provide us with catchy, snotty tunes.
Comes in a carboard sleeve with "inside out" print.