Clon (LP)

Walkiria - 12 €

Original Spanish 1994 press on black vinyl with lyric insert

MG-15 is a classic Spanish band as they were the first band in Spain to play what would become known as D-beat, starting out as Slips And Sperma in Malaga back in 1980. By 83, they had changed their name to MG-15 but kept the heavy Discharge influence in sound/visuals and lyrical outlook. One of the heaviest bands in Spain at that time, they had to seek out a foreign record label to put out their classic Derecho A La Vida ep from 1984. Their second single was released in 1988 and showed a more metal direction, parallel to what Discharge was undergoing at that time. This Clon album from 1994 is their most metal sounding album released as this is a mix of thrash and crossover. After this allbum it went very quite in the MG-15 camp but the band would return with a new EP in 2004 and the following year the band even released a split EP with their heroes Discharge. Their second album was released in 2007 and it was called El Album Negro (yes translated to “The Black Album”).