Split (LP)

Crucificados Pelo Sistema Records - 15 €

New Zealand's Meth Drinker team up with the UK's Moloch for a low-end dismal split that'll get fans of Grief and Noothgrush getting as excited as their drug-addled mush brains can get. Meth Drinker lacks any type of subtlety, which is a good thing as who wants a song like "Spleen Splitting Pavement" to get all heady or arty? Meth Drinker certainly abide by their song titles and conjure up a sound belonging to the most awful of feelings and experiences. The crawling pace of each track coupled with the hazy production and tortured vocals do well shoot down the listener?s aspirations in mere minutes. Like two miserable peas in a rotten pod, Moloch?s side compliments the Kiwis' contribution perfectly as the mood finds no room for improvement and things feel even more claustrophobic. A bit less hazy and more bottom rounded, Moloch's signature trudge sounds as crushing as ever. "Vomit Phobia" (what a name!) builds for nearly four minutes with quarter note slams from in sync drums and guitars which tie in with the virulent vocals to create these great haymakers that land right in your gut. The cool groove after the buildup, while not upbeat, carries some momentum and heft that can get your foot tapping. This bit of groove and energy works well with the dirge like vibe of the beginning and the off sections that pop up later. Where "Vomit Phobia" eventually bubbles into a mid-tempo roll, "Hunchback" lurches solidly for its entire length and this is where Moloch are their best.