Extra Nitad (LP)

Power It Up Records - 12 €
Fasten your seat belts!! Sweden's own MASSGRAV are back on the map in order to annihilate your stereo. The Extra Nitad vinyl contains the tracks from both CD's which released years ago on Sound Pollution (USA) minus the EP tracks on these CD's. All together 36 tracks of rapid-fire, forceful, abrasive as hell Scandicore in the midst of raw, throaty vocal attacks (including a cover version from ATOMVINTER and LIMP WRIST). MASSGRAV plays something not too far from the modern Swedish hardcore, they do a more than adequate job at it. They are faster than VICTIMS and SKITSYSTEM, and their drumming is more "relentless" - altogether, they wind up kinda sounding like KRIGSHOT. With two equally effective vocalists, this is a pretty rippin' listen from start to finish. The drumming is a little monotonous, but the overall feel of this album leans towards the raw and fast. The vinyl re issue housed in a high quality 320gr gatefold sleeve!