Quando Vedrai Le Navi In Fiamme Sarà Giunta L'Ora (LP)

Shove - 12 €

Marnero from Bologna (Italy) is an amazing four piece band. Their debut was a split with Sinosedesis, before opening their monumental concept saga, which has seen, until now, three chapters: “Naufragio Universale” (2010), “Il Sopravvissuto” (2013) and “La Malora” (2016).
It’s time for a new chapter: “Quando Vedrai Le Navi In Fiamme Sarà Giunta L’Ora”, to be out in October 2018 via Epidemic Records, Sangue Dischi, Dischi Bervisti, To Lose La Track, Shove Records, Sonatine Produzioni, Controcanti (Vinyl and CD). A cooperation between all these Italian labels, which have a long history of friendship and shared values with the band.