Necrocovered (Mini-CD)

Living Dead Society - 8 €

Brand new MACHETAZO covers mini album!
Seven skull-crushing necrocovers from CARNIVORE, MASTER, CORRUPTED, KREATOR, DARKTHRONE, OBITUARY and SEPTIC DEATH with one special guest gut-ripper necrothroat on each piece!
Featuring: Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY/ABSCESS) lead vocals on "Sex and Violence" (CARNIVORE), Johan Wallin (GENERAL SURGERY/REPUGNANT) lead vocals on "Pay to die" (MASTER), Tim Call (ALDEBARAN/SPLATTERHOUSE) lead vocals on "Arrastrándose Sólo" (CORRUPTED), Kam Lee (MASSACRE/BONE GNAWER) lead vocals on "Tormentor" (KREATOR), Skrappar (LOBOTOMIZED) lead vocals on "Skald Av Satans Sol" (DARKTHRONE), Santi (NASHGUL) lead vocals on "Dying" (OBITUARY)/"Demon" (SEPTIC DEATH).