Corrupcion (LP)

Discos Enfermos - 13 €

Brutal return of LUMPEN, a Colombian punx band based in Barcelona with a raw sound totally influenced by UK82. Following perfectly closely on his debut 7" but perhaps with faster drum beats on these songs, but keeping those British guitar riffs with pedal effects, rock solid bass lines and a desperate raw vocal up front bringing more to the table than ever. influences from DISORDER and CHAOS UK passing through THE CLAY and adding more violent, aggressive and direct components of UK82 punk from bands like ULTRA VIOLENT 7 new songs, including an adaptation of CRIME FOR REVENGE by Ultra Violent which is wonderful, designs by the band itself, folder and insert designed by Mateo and poster designed by Julian.
The limited edition comes with a screen printed folder and poster and white vinyl with black splatter. The normal edition comes with a printed folder and poster and black vinyl. Both include insert with the lyrics.