Split (LP)

Doomtown - 10 €

LETS GROW exist since 2001, and so far they have a lot of records out on US and European labels.
They already toured Europe once and played with bands like Annihilation Time, Vitamin X, Dean Dirg, Out Cold etc.
In those 8 years their music changed a bit, but it was always fast hardcore-punk inspired mostly by the 80's US bands.
JAIBO! are younger but their members were involved in a lot of Belgrade hardcore bands before.
They have 3 songs on "Powder Keg" compilation and 8 tracks will be out on split LP with LETS GROW.
Some people compare their music to Jerry's Kids, Bad Brains, RKL (R'n'r Nightmare era) and some european bands such as Indigesti and Jingo De Lunch.