S/T (LP)

Doomtown Records - 13 €

Coming from the same concrete jungle and Belgrade scene that brought you Apsurd, here's the release we've been preparing for a long time and are very excited about!

This huge record delivers fourteen honest punk anthems that draw influences from the melodic, cold and melancholic side of Oi! punk while simulatenously recalling that post-punk swag that Peter And The test Tube Babies nailed on their classic album 'Soberphobia'. Add some Belgrade life asphalt bitterness, social commentary and generally bleak lyrics into the mix and you might get the idea what Kpax! are all about.

The band's also wearing Yugo influences on their sleeves, but there's something in the chemistry, catchiness and texture of their songwriting that makes them stand out in the crowd. If you're into the new wave of french Oi! influenced post-punk led by Syndrome 81 and the gang, do not sleep on this future modern classic!

Limited to 318 copies on black vinyl, including a double sided insert with lyrics.

Artwork by Filip Cetković & Kpax!