Dead Punk Niebla Densa (LP)

Discos Enfermos - 12 €

From Bilbao ... young and new blood. These 4 guys debut with a piece of 12 ″ full of schizophrenia, agony and maximum urgency. Sound that recapitulates hardcore mixing it with the current sound coming mostly from the United States. The hardcore of HOAX, the mutant punk of CRAZY SPIRIT, the urgency of GAS RAG and the percussioned and garage sound of HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS explode in your face with totally insane guitar rifs, firm bass lines and mambodas, rhythms of cardiac drums and percussion and a sick and hysterical voice spitting. All this wrapped in a dark atmosphere and without any prejudice to include ambient sounds / noise to make this album even more SICK. Cover very consistent with the concept of the band and insert A3 with art and lyrics of the band.