Psychoagony (LP)

Walkiria - 12 €

Juicio Final, the name is a Spanish expression for judgement day, was a Spanish thrash metal act formed in Barakaldo back in 1989. The band debuted with the 7-track cassette Now in 1992. The tapes sells in more than a 1000 copies and the band feels their on to something. They start writing for their next opus and lock themselves into the North Studios for 3 days to recorded their debut album Psychoagony. You can hear how the band have progressed between the two recordings and the album represents well what thrash metal and the band were into in 1993. Psychoagony is thrash metal that also includes some darker passages. The band also has a stable line-up at the time that balances the band equally on all musical levels. The band would go on a release one more album, Karkoma, in 1996, before disbanding in early 2000.