What It Meant - The Complete Discography (DoLP)

Revelation - 25 €

BACK IN STOCK!!! While playing in Youth Of Today, Mike and Porcell started Judge as a project band. Their first single was released on Porcell's label Schism in 1988. By the time the next year was over they had made Judge a serious touring band, recorded their debut full-length and become legends within the hardcore scene. The first recording of their full length was scrapped because of the poor quality of the recording. This was released in a very limited pressing under the title Chung King Can Suck It and has been a prize of hardcore record collecting ever since. They re-recorded their album at the now legendary studio Normandy Sound and released it under its original title Bringin It Down. After a couple of years of touring they put out one final ep with three songs on it. What It Meant collects all of these recordings in their entirety along with one track from their demo (recorded with Luke from Gorilla Biscuits on Drums). Heavy, well put together music with lyrics that show thought and self examination, Judge evolved from their first single to the last song they released, leaving a legacy that helped shape hardcore. The vinyl format will include the entire demo as exclusive bonus tracks.