S/T (LP)

Hieb & Stich Records - 13 €

Iris Paralysis are a London / Bielefeld based synth duo and this two piece will take you on a journey of the mind and put you in a synth induced coma. Vocals are delivered cleanly, taking you further into the dreamlike state as you’re immersed in this futuristic world of sound being created by the beautiful synth that just washes over these thought provoking lyrics. The drum machine is the glue that holds all this together and adds that little boost of energy in which everything has been moulded around. A record that’s very minimalistic but at the same time being very complex, it demands that you listen repeatedly and each time you will be taken to a new place. There are tinges of new wave, post punk, dark wave and industrial which will have you thinking you’re trapped in a George Orwell novel. For Fans of Xmal Deutschland, Belgrado, Second Layer etc