Split (LP)

Alerta Antifascista - 12 €

IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS from Sweden founded in 2009 is a 4-piece band from Nyköping/Sweden. Who perfectly combine different elements from doom, sludge & post-rock and give it a special touch by the emotional vocals and long instrumental-parts. A band with much potential in the footsteps of Cult Of Luna & Envy. REKA from Moscow, Russia play excellent atmospheric sludge hardcore. All parts feel very well placed with no dull moments or filler, every track is heavy and memorable, perfect build ups with satisfying crushing payoffs. Its a really enjoyable, intense album. The band features the bassist from CELESTE, several members of OPTIMUS PRIME and FORTUNAE VERBERA. The sound is heavy and has a dirty sludgey touch. Absolutely recommandable for fans of CELESTE and (faster) AMEN RA. Comes in 180 Gram Vinyl and heavy Cover...