Guerra Interior (7")

Discos Enfermos Records - 6 €

New 5 tracks with the Panama’s finest ultra-dark noise Hardcore combo HEZ. Keeping the line of their before efforts they come back with the stomping 1-2-1-2 drum beats, less mid tempo than their previous recordings and more straight to the edge. Sharppy guitar sound and the tormented vocals keep remaining on it and also the special add of noise and desperate parts that make this band unique. Not far from bands like DESTINO FINAL but adding more noisy punch on it and the raw and angry sense that only a band from South America could bring these days. Artwork made by the great Izzad Radzali from Singapoure and recorded by Rodrigo Manzo in Panama and mixed by Will Killinigsworth on Dead Air Studios in US, this is a cooperation on the release with LOGICA CIEGA in PANAMA and A-Z SHOP in Japan.