Satanic Rites (LP)

Mortal Shock Records - 15 €

BACK IN STOCK!!! Recorded and released in 1983 Hellhammer's first demo, "Satanic Rites", is a legendary document for anybody even remotely interested in almost any kind of extreme Music: the black bible that many would follow and expand after their release. Fueled by Punk, Metal and Hard Rock luminaries such as Motorhead, Discharge and Venom, the band (which would evolve into Celcit Frost) created a personal sound that would take the underground by storm and change things forever. Everything started here, enough said! SIDE ONE: 01- Messiah 02- The Third Of The Storms 03- Buried And Forgotten 04- Maniac 05- Eurynomos SIDE TWO: 01- Triumph Of Death 02- Revelations Of Doom 03- Reaper 04- Satanic Rites 05- Crucifixion