Eco-War (Mini-CD)

Selfmadegod - 5 €

The UK crossover metal/crust band Hellbastard is back with 5 new songs including a re-recorded track from 1986 and a raging Slayer cover!
As opposed to the album "The Need to Kill", "Eco-War" is a mostly mid-paced and more focused beatdown of metal/punk/crust.
"Eco-War" isn't just a rehash of "The Need to Kill": if you can't imagine an organ on a Hellbastard record, prepare to have your ears opened.
Featuring an additional guitar player added to the lineup, the MCD has its own approach and shows another side to the influential, classic Hellbastard sound.
Think of a unique mixture of the legendary Brit-crust of AMEBIX, CONCRETE SOX, DEVIATED INSTINCT, and AXEGRINDER paired with more modern thrash metal.